Our Story

The Beginning

Early life experiences play an important role to identify who we are today. It is the positive experiences that our youth encounter, that help shape who they will become tomorrow. After spending a portion of two summers with Twinsburg youth ranging in age from five to fifteen, I was inspired to turn those positive experiences into an everyday phenomenon. Twinsburg Township has been without a community center for over a decade; a community center in the heart of the Twinsburg Heights area would be ideal! However, we’ve made use of the existing pavilion, basketball court and trash container. During the first summer, we operated without a port-a-potty and water fountain which, at times, posed as a small challenge. In spite of this, we were determined to have a summer filled with fun, learning experiences and memories that would last a lifetime. I am happy to say that our determination became a reality. Rain or shine, we had the support of local groups and business: Sista Sista, Zanta Cause, martial arts instruction from both the All Stars Martial Arts and Temples of Shaolin, students from Twinsburg, Nordonia and Hudson High School, college students from Akron and Kent State University and some residents from Twinsburg. We were able to provide activities for up to sixty-five children. They were engaged in arts & crafts, basketball, volley ball, kick ball, flag football, dance, stepping, martial arts, game time, school readiness, lunch, snacks, picnics and community clean – up. Our desire is to have a space of our own that would accommodate activities and events all year round so, we could make a greater impact in our community. In the meantime, Made by Kids will continue to move forward with it's program to assist the youth of Twinsburg and other surrounding areas. We will continue to push until our dream becomes a reality. I believe, “where there’s a will there’s a way.” “Dreams can come true, but making our needs known can spark a little magic!”  

Ms. D Milburn

Executive Director 


Made By Kids, a 501c3 non-profit organization, continues to provide a platform for our youth to explore, learn and grow in various areas of interest. Our focus is to serve low to moderate income families in Northern Summit County including: Boston Heights, Hudson, Macedonia, Peninsula, Sagamore Hills, Twinsburg, and Twinsburg Township. We will also extend our services to parts of Cuyahoga County including: Bedford, Bedford Heights, Northfield and Oakwood Village. We offer a wide range of free programs, to spark each child’s individual areas of interest and encourage optimal social, educational and physical development. The volunteer staff of Made By Kids embraces the uniqueness of each individual child and uses this as a foundation for those children to excel in their selected area of choice. Along with this comes encouragement, exposure, support and dedication from our incredible staff of volunteers. This will help to empower the individual success for all participants. This environment provides both high school and college students an opportunity to obtain community service hours, internships or simply the self-gratification of helping others. Our volunteers are role models encouraging those receiving services to understand the importance of giving back and working together to improve our communities. We encourage our youth to be actively involved with community projects, neighborhood clean-up and having their voices heard to make a positive change and impact in society. Active involvement with our youth can open doors for scholarships, career connections, building confidence and enhancing their focus to make best choices in life. Therefore, in addition to exposure to the fine arts, our program will also provide martial arts, leadership building, intergenerational collaborations, special projects, events and tutoring in math, reading and computer skills.  Through our recent partnership with Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, we were able to begin offering after-school program in October 2017.  Our program launch can begin to soar above the clouds with additional support from local business, religious organizations, individual donors, and both federal and state grants. This will allow us to operate and help to sustain the future of the program. The changes of tomorrow are born from our efforts today!  

The Future

We desire to expand our programing and partnerships with other agencies and organizations. One of our goals will be to assist as many families as possible. This way we can engage generations of families to be a part of a worthwhile program; this will allow us to unite and participate in activities that can strengthen our communities. We will continue to incorporate ideas, suggestions and involvement from our youth to extend our program to newer and greater heights. Establishing a rapport with our youth will help them to excel as they discover their individual uniqueness and the importance of expanding their horizons. We gladly extend our program to enhance cultural awareness and to enlighten our knowledge and understanding through the arts and other areas of interest. Our future is built on the foundations of past experiences, memories and shared experiences, we encounter with others as we go through this evolving journey called life.     

Future Activities We plan to implement activities in health and nutrition, Lacrosse, Fencing, Sign Language, Spanish, Bowling, Photography, Swimming, Golf and Chess Tournaments. This will be a collective effort on behalf continued financial support, additional volunteers and a vision of endless possibilities, these programs will soon come to pass.